Discover Balkan - Përmeti

In Përmeti you will enjoy the relaxing calm and the flowers and greenery without end. You will find hospitality and a touching kindness in the streets, houses, restaurants and hotels. A night in the pleasant and comfortable hotels on the banks of the Vjosa will leave you with the impression of sleeping amidst the waves of river itself. Përmeti, a city of flowers, roses, irreplaceable songs, cleanness, and tranquility (its antique name was Tryfilia, inhabited by Illyrians), was known as an administrative center since the 15th century. Its several 77 and rich bazaars were often visited by residents of the surrounding countries. Today, we invite you to see Gurin e Qytetit ("City's Stone"), a surprising natural stone monument that makes the city distinct. You should also see the churches, especially the 18th century Church of Leusa, famous for its icons and wood engravings, and the 12th century Church of Shën Maria in Kosina. The restaurants of Përmeti and the surrounding area offer a special cuisine and unforgettable service. Among the city's traditional famous dishes, you can sample ingjinari with olive oil, wild meat, mountain partridge me përshesh, boar meat, rabbit, and the delicious fish of the Vjosa. You will also taste the famous wine (Kabërnet, Merlot, etc) and the traditional raki, as well as the delicious gliko (a kind of jelly) made from all kinds of fruits, and especially from walnuts. During summer, you will find many beaches in Përmeti that look like pools carved out of the river’s edge. The banks of Vjosa are often crowded by fishing amateurs, and during the summer there is an annual canoeing competition that starts from the source of Vjosa, at the feet of the Pindi Mountains, and ends with a ceremony in the city of Përmeti. There are two other annual rituals, the International Multicultural Festival (during June), and Dita e Verërave (Wine day) during May. During the same month, the city hosts a national festival dedicated to the famous personalities born in the nearby village of Frashëri.
Although it is a small city, Përmeti is the birthplace of many well known politicians, scientists, writers, musicians and figurative artists of the Albanian pantheon. Since we are talking about the Albanian pantheon, you should not miss the chance to visit Frashëri, 30 km away from the city. It is the birthplace of the Frashëri brothers and many other noted personalities that built the foundations of the Albanian nation and defined what we call "the Albanian gene". However, this is not the only reason why we direct you to Frashëri. Traveling towards the village you will pass through the Bredhi i Hotovës National Park, meaning you will have the chance to see an incredible view with fir-woods, endless pines, and many coldwater sources.
As you leave Përmeti behind, the road heads to the Greek frontier, just 30 km away from the city, towards the city of Leskoviku, famous for its thermal waters in Vronomero and the saunas of Postenani. But you can not say goodbye to Përmeti without visiting the thermal waters of Benja and the Valley of Lengarinca just 3 km away from the city. There are six natural outdoor sources of warm curative water (even in winter!). These waters flow from the beautiful canyons of two bridges built in the time of Ali Pashë Tepelena: Ura e Kaikut and Ura e Dashit.